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1. Register an account

To start investing, you must first register on our website. This means that you should have your own personal account here. It is designed for all operations with our company. You can make a deposit, use promotional tools, get regular payments of profits and earn affiliate commissions. Registration will not take a lot of time and we do not require you to provide a lot of information about yourself. It suffices to include your full name and contact email. Also, you should choose a unique username and set a password to your account. The final touch is setting up your payments addresses in the account area. We will use those for sending payments, profits or affiliate commissions. If you have never before used any cryptocurrency, we suggest you to read the primary information in the �Where To Buy Bitcoin� section.

2. Make a deposit in order to earn with BONAZA PROFIT

To make a deposit you will need to register and log into your personal account. In the deposit section, enter the desired amount and choose one of the investment plans. Then press the �Spend� button to start.

In the next stage, the system will generate a unique crypto address which is coupled to your account, to which you will need to send funds. Select the address and copy it to the clipboard. Be careful when you copy this address, do not copy any extra characters or spaces.

Sign in to your Bitcoin wallet and use the "Send money" function. Use our project's given address from the clipboard as a recipient. Send precisely the amount that you specified earlier. After sending the payment your deposit will be added quickly enough. It will require 1 confirmation on the blockchain.

3. Wait for accrual and withdraw your profit

Once your deposit has been added, you can follow up on it in the "Deposits List" section of your personal account. Your profit will grow either every hour or after a specific time period, depending on the plan you have chosen. After your earnings are accrued, use the "Withdraw" function and make a request. Before that, make sure you have the correct Bitcoin address in your account settings. All payments are non-refundable and if you make a mistake we cannot help you. Your withdrawal request will be processed automatically and instantly. Payments will be made to your Bitcoin address that is specified in the settings of your account.

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